Posted on: October 14, 2011 4:12 pm

Howard doubtful for beginning of 2012 Season

The frustrating thing with Howard is that there were times during the middle to end of the season, where he looked like he was picking the ball up well. He may have taken some big ugly cuts, but there were a lot of times he appeared to lay off the junk balls and work the count. Then, if they faced a pitcher that did not have a fastball, and threw nothing but junk, he would corkscrew himself into the box. He still stands too far away from the plate, and pulls his head off the ball when he swings. The word is that both Milt Thompson and GG tried to get him to adjust his approach. he would do it for a short time, then revert back. That's just being ignorant to learning what you need to do to be more successful, or an unwillingness to admit your wrong with how you bat. Guys like Pujols are students of the game and appear eager to do whatever it takes to be better at his craft. If he is going to have that kind of time off before he can work out hard, perhaps he will log some film time and see what he can do to get better, especially in the playoffs. We all know he has skills, its how he moves forward to improve those skills that will make the difference next year and after.
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Posted on: October 11, 2011 1:21 pm

Eagles Coaching Options

There are a couple of Super Bowl winning coaches out there....Bill Cowher (& former Eagles linebacker from back in the day), Jon Gruden (Former Eagles Offensive Coordinator) & Tony Dungy (confidant to Michael Vick). Also, Jeff Fisher happens to be available. There are choices....Laurie just needs to make it happen. But most importantly....we need to pray that Laurie doesn't get in to one of those "bring in someone young, and innovative" like a college coach. We've all seen how well Pete Carroll and Nick Saban fared.

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Posted on: October 11, 2011 1:20 pm

Scenes from an Andy Read press conference

Here are highlights of Andy Reid's press conference...if they look familiar, they are the same comments used for the past 12 years of failure

1) I need to do a better job with that.
2) That's my responsibility....I take responsibility for that.
3) We'll get that fixed, and that's my responsibility.
4) I don't know what happened there, well have to take a look at the video and get that corrected, that's my responsibility
5) I'm not gonna get into that.
6) Playcalling is my responsibility...and I take full responsibility for that.
7) Well, that's a good did a good job with that.
8) I already answered that question.
9) Time management, that's me....and I take full responsibility for that.
10) I need to do a better job of preparing our guys. I take full responsibility for that.


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